About Us

The no-risk fee structure

If I gave you $1000, would you give me $500 back. Sure you would. Every day of the week. 

That is the way we help you. We find the savings, get the savings and have it sent to you. 

We do not bill our customers until after they have realized the savings. No negative cash flow on these projects.


There is something special about finding out that you will receive money that was spent in a prior accounting period. It is like getting money from a rich uncle that you never knew you had.  Actually, its better. Because you get to tell everyone that it was your idea. You can have all the credit: we just send a bill.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

And then you find out your rich uncle will keep sending money. Yeah, its kinda like that. Most of our projects result in ongoing savings. More room in your annual budget--year after year after year.