Everybody Loves A Story

That is a Lot of Tacos

This client had a public road on the side of their property. Like, ON their property, but the side of it. We made the case for a zero valuation on this land. The client received a $17,000 refund from the county. THAT is a lot of tacos. It was sweet and spicy.

Waste Not-Want Not

Did you know that nuclear waste is taxable? Well, one client was using it to sterilize their product. Problem was the assessor was depreciating it like equipment. We changed the valuation to be as fuel. Over $100k in savings. Every Year.

Holy Rusted Rocks

Many companies have many parcels. For property tax purposes, we combined the parcels for a mining company. At all their locations. Larger parcels are valued less per square foot. Easy Breazy. Savings of 10 to 20% per location.

Hay Now

Ever have that extra land that you just don't know what to do with? Our client had purchased 40 acres in anticipation of an expansion. We helped them grow and harvest hay on their property-Received a 90 % reduction in assessment for agricultural use. 

Sharing is Saving

Our foundry client was paying waaaaay too much for their electricity. We found a way to reduce their monthly bill, but they needed to buy their transformers from the utility company. Couldn't do it.  We found them a partner that could. Savings continue at $175k per month. Yep.

Dam Right

Our customer was sure they were paying too much in property taxes for their dam. We agreed. We reviewed the county assessment detail and found that the data was 10 years old. We helped the assessor update the data, and let the savings flow.