What You Might Want to Know

Our Experience

Bright Support was started in 2004. The gray in my beard was hard earned through work for a Big 4 accounting firm, a boutique consulting firm, regional accounting firm and the State of Indiana. Everything you need.

What We Bring our Clients

We have a systematic approach to identifying savings. This approach ensures that if there is savings, we will find it. If you question that you are paying too much, you probably are. We bring the answers and the results.

Our Fee Structure

Our consulting fees are based on how much we can save you. We don't even bill any fees until you have already realized the savings. No savings means no fees. We even cover our own project expenses. How cool is that?

Industries Served

We have worked successfully in the following industries: Chemical Processing, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Hospitality, Retail/Commercial Real Estate, Medical, and Mining.

Cumulative Savings

True, it is an estimate, but the current estimate of what we have saved our clients since 2004 is over $17,000,000. And we aren't done yet. Join the party and get your savings too.

What No One Knows

Only people who have read this section know that we have a give back project. We call it the 7-19 project. For every new client we receive, we put $500 aside for supporting children worldwide through World Vision. $500 is enough to support a kid for one year.